Release Soap & Love Potion Soap

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Release Soap

Glycerine base This soap is great to use for ingrowths hair, the special blend of herbs and essential oil such as Rue, Basil, Jasmine, Menthe Essential oil of Pine, Eucalyptus and more are all cleansing and purification blend the additional Lufa integrated in the soap makes it a powerful tool to scrub away any unwanted energies.

*Can be use externally only!


Love Potion Soap

This blend is made for your quality, self care & love moment.                                Mix of rose, lavender, menthe and essential oil of yang Lang, patchouli it is perfect for a moment of relaxation.


Sodium cocoate, sodium palmate, glycerine, aqua, hydroxide, sochor  sorbitan, oleate, hydrolyze oat, protein, safflower seed oil, aloe barbadenesis