Spiritual Baths

Spiritual Baths
Water has been used since the dawn of time to aid in purifying and transforming energy. Our bath house has been designed to elevate and cleanse through the sheer beauty of the space, as well as specially curated bath salts for tapping into intuition and/or elevating your self-care practice.
Spiritual Bath Services

Intuition Bath (1h)    111$
This spiritual bath will aid in soothing your anxiety and chattering mind, bringing more clarity to your questionings, especially in a period of spiritual awakening. Submerged in water, lavender milk and appeasing herbs, we will help you find comprehensibility of your thoughts and inner voices. Three tarot cards will be pulled off a deck for meditation and introspection.

Bain Pirifikasyon (2hrs)     255$
This traditional purification herb bath starts with a 15 to 20 minutes consultation with your healer. Through the spiritual bath session, your healer will proceed in cleansing your body of energies blocking you or not serving you with sound therapy, custom sage and encens blend reiki (energy healing). This purifying bath will aid you through times of stress, confusion, depression, lack of motivation and recurring nightmares. Includes: 
  • 15 to 20 minutes consultation
  • sound therapy
  • custom sage and encens blend
  • reiki (energy healing)
Gods on Earth Bath (1h 30min)     242$
This package will be everything you need to comfort and sooth you when you find yourself at your lowest vibrations. While enjoying this sacred empowering bath, a glass of wine in hands and a fruit platter by your side, a three decks tarot card pull will be done by your healer. You will be given personalized affirmations to go home with. This package includes:
  • Wine or drink of choice
  • Fruit platter
  • Three decks tarot card pull
  • Personalized affirmations
Sacred Union bath (2hrs)     333$
In this couple's edition of the sacred bath, you will both be offered wine or a drink of choice, with a fruit platter to enjoy. Your experience will start with a 20 to 30 minutes consultation with your healer, an intimate bath with your lover, followed by a short yoni/lingam steam session and you will finish with a tantric meditation. This bath package includes:
  • Wine or drink of choice & fruit platter
  • 20 to 30 minutes consultation
  • Yoni/Lingam steam
  • tantric meditation


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