Energy Healing

Various techniques to help you conduct all forms of moving energy. Our mission is to help release any internal pain-causing major blockages to your mind-body-soul connection.


Energy Healing Services

Soul Cleanse (1h 30min)    185$

In this session, you will experience Reiki, Magnetism, Sound and Crystal therapy. We also use encens, résine and smoke therapy to clear out the aura field. If you have been suffering from anxiety, loss of sense & direction, heaviness, mental pain, or blockages, then this session aid in bring more clarity to the mind. 

Chakra Alignment (1h 30min)    137$In this session, through a 30-minute consultation, we will discover which chakras are over-worked, backed, or disconnect. Through crystal, sound and reiki therapy, we will bring balance to the chakras and help you gain awareness to your body and subtle energies.

Purification Cleanse (1h 30m)     111$
In this session, an akashic evaluation will be done to configure your imbalances


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