On September 19th, we unveiled Temple KÀ to our friends and family, and it was an astounding success! For 3 months we worked tirelessly to recreate, renew, and re-imagine this healing space for the community. We somehow knew that no matter what was up against us, whether it was ourselves, the insane timeline, or a global pandemic, that we would always be supported. In the end, to say that we were simply supported would be an understatement. The amount of people that showed up was overwhelming! And the timing was divine! We are no longer able to gather in this way, and we are all so grateful to have been together for this incredible day. Over a hundred people graced the Temple with their presence on this day, arriving in groups at pre-arranged times. With each group, we were able to bless the space and offer our immense gratitude to all that made this incredible accomplishment possible. We give thanks and praise!
Photography by Yanissa X, Mary Elam, and Erica Steeves
Check out the rest of the photos on our Facebook page!
Thank you all again! We love you! xoxo
Due to the Coronavirus, all government-approved safety and health measures were taken to ensure the safety of everyone. Each guest was required to have their temperature taken at the door and they were asked to complete a short safety questionnaire and sign a waiver. Furthermore, our guests were required to wash their hands and wear a mask and keep their distance. Guests arrived in pre-arranged groups, at scheduled times, in order to maintain a safe number of people in the Temple at a time. We are happy to report zero cases of Covid were reported as a result of this blessed day! Thank You!

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