Temple KÀ is the first healing center of its kind in Montreal. It is a holistic health spa that specializes in energy healing services – from well-known practices like reiki and yoga, to obscure practices like yoni steaming and shamanic healing.


KÀ is ancient Egyptian for “soul” - the part of us which connects to the Source of everything. During our lives we are guided to reunite with our soul, because it is in this state of communion where we fulfill our life’s purpose. Our mission at Temple KÀ is to provide a space to do the healing work which allows us to follow the calling of our soul.


Energy Healing

Temple KÀ offers an alternative to traditional medicinal practices by offering services that heal the energetic blockages which manifest as sickness, disease, mental disorders, and/or emotional pain. These services include:

Spiritual Counseling
Reiki & Magnetism
Sound Therapy
Crystal Healing
Chakra Therapy
Shamanic Healing
Intuitive Readings
Yoga & Movement Medicine
Yoni Steaming
Spiritual Baths

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OPENING 09/19/2020


Due to the Coronavirus, all government-approved safety and health measures were taken to ensure the safety of everyone who attended our official opening on September 19th. Each guest was required to have their temperature taken at the door, complete a short safety questionnaire, and sign a waiver. Furthermore, our guests were required to wash their hands, wear a mask and keep their distance. Guests arrived in pre-arranged groups, at scheduled times, in order to maintain a safe number of people. We are happy to report zero cases of Covid were reported as a result of this blessed day! Thank You!